Thursday, February 5, 2009

My son? Wait, I don't have any kids...

"Sanskrit Tablet." August 18, 2007. Nikon D80, 18-200mm lens (18mm), f/3.5, 1/3200 sec. My Son, Vietnam.

My Son is this ruin of a spiritual center from a long time ago near Hoi An in Vietnam. How long ago was it?! Well, it was soooooo long ago that.... phooey, I can't think of anything funny. Something about how yo mamma is so old she hung out there... or something about dinosaurs, or... yeah, I'm drawing a blank. Insert your own joke. I promise I'll laugh. Anyhow, My Son was occupied by the Champa Kingdom from 400-1500 CE. So it's pretty dang old. Now it's ruins, because of time & the Vietnam War (which the Vietnamese call the American War. How ironic (or whatever. I have no idea what "ironic" really means since that Alanis Morrisette song came out back in the day)). Hmm... it might be nice to have a war to blame my wear and tear on, too... But probably not. Wars seem all glamorous and stuff, but I'm pretty sure they're really not so great. We had to get up at like 5am and ride for like 3 hours in a van to My Son, so we would be there before it got too hot. Which was fab, because I'm a delicate flower, and because there weren't that many people there yet. Uh... yeah, not much more to say about My Son. It was nice. I think it's a Global Heritage Site. Afterwards, we rode in a boat down the river. The end.

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