Sunday, February 1, 2009

Double Vision

"Glasses2." October 6, 2008. Nikon D80, 50mm lens, f/1.4, 1/800 sec. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This was at a market in Amsterdam. I didn't buy anything there. Not for lack of trying... just for a lack of cool stuff that I wanted to buy.

I have always wanted glasses, but I don't need them. I made my mom take me to the optometrist when I was about 14, and I tried to fudge the eye exam a bit, but not so much so that I would get strong glasses that would actually destroy my eyes. It didn't work. Even when I was lying, my vision is still just too good. The curse of perfect vision is a hard cross to bear.

I think having glasses could help me study better. When I put on the glasses, I'd know I was in "study mode." I really need to just buy some weak reading glasses. My future in school depends on it.

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